December 13

Indie-Author Marketing: Why I Write and Don’t Sell

Anybody who’s been an independent author has probably heard the catch phrase “content is king.” And just to be clear, by independent author I mean one who has chosen to write, publish, and market their own books. Some of those among that tribe might also be traditionally published, published via a coop, or all of the above. I count myself in the lattermost group. So after having written something like 40-plus published novels, I believe I’m approaching this subject with just a wee bit of informed experience. And in thinking recently about writing a post on book marketing, I decided to give others my approach.

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December 7

For the Love of Writing

The Vindicator

A book is not necessarily good or bad just because the Literary Mafia has blessed it. ~Don Pendleton

If you dig into most of my books, you’ll find they’re pretty tough pieces. I don’t tend to pull any punches about the way life is or how I perceive my own daily challenges. You see, I write from my heart and gut—I spill my inner turmoil onto the page like I’m overturning a 55-gallon oil drum—because I want to get a certain message across. There’s no taboo in my writing. It’s a safe place to “speak” my mind. Some will agree with me. Others won’t.

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